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What if every decision you’ve ever made caused a timeline to split in two? Worlds that only exist because of your decision. Something as whimsical as taking the long way home or cutting through the alley shortcut could ultimately be the difference of life or death, but what if both possibilities exist? Separate, yet entwined. Joined, even. Coffee, or Tea? Sleep, or wake? Flip a coin, let fate decide. But what if it wasn’t fate? What if it was you all along? Splitting the timeline, and dooming the other in favor of one you believe you chose. These are the nonsensical terrors awaiting you in the House of Ever Changing, where the garbage remnants of trash left behind by time congregate and become true. Where the line between choices is thin, yet immeasurably large. Your path may lie within this place where time pools like a puddle, but you never had a choice to begin with, did you? This place was made by you. For you.


W,A,S,D = Movement

E = Interact

F = Flip a coin, change your path

Inspired by Junji Ito's "Town Without Streets."

This is my second game ever fully packaged and finished. This is specifically for the Unreal Engine Spring Game Jam 2019, "Marketplace Takeover." So most of it was built with asset packs that were free for the month of May ("HQ Residential House," "Urban Materials Pack," and "Chameleon.") All the sound effects and music were recorded by myself at 4am on Tuesday with my cellphone because I was too tired to dig out my laptop and microphones and such. Font used is from 1001fonts.com. 

Links to Marketplace Assets Used:

"Urban Material Pack" by Plan B Studios


"HQ Residential House" by NOTLonely 


"Chameleon" by SUMFX


Even if these packs are no longer free, I would HIGHLY recommend them, especially Chameleon. 


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Extrememly well done for a Jam game.  I like low-res, non-traditional creepy games and this is a great example.  This one definitely made me get goosebumps a couple times.

Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. I was super nervous about publishing it since it's just me by myself and I had less time since I worked all weekend, but it looks like the exhaustion and sleep deprivition was well worth it! haha

The altered realities concept seems to be a recurring theme for me this week :) this is a great wee concept. I'd like to see it fleshed out more and utilised in a full length game

Thank you for taking the time to play and review my game! I hadn't planned on making a bigger version since this was just for a game jam but a lot of people have asked me to go back and flesh it out more so we'll see. It's just me by myself and I had to work over the weekend of the game jam. I did the best with the time I had available to me, so your words of praise really mean a lot to me. 

Pretty neat. Nice visuals and creepy atmosphere. 

Thank you so much! It helped me out a lot for you to do this video as well. This helps me considerably in finding places where I can improve on future projects. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

awesome! Glad it helped.

short yet thought invoking game! really nice mechanic! was pretty fun to play im just an idiot at gaming which is why i got stuck

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for posting a video on it as well. I enjoyed your interpenetration of it. In the future, I hope to do more games kinda similar to this with ambiguity and mystery. Also I apologize for the confusion at the end. For whatever reason, when I packaged the game a part of my code didn't work, so instead of resetting the whole game it just reset the level with new game parameters. Seems like that led to some confusion for several people. 

hey its perfectly fine! i enjoyed it nonetheless and loved the coin mechanic! if you do a significant update let me know id proudly play again! that being said i may not see when you create a new game so message me as soon as you do and ill make it top priority:)

The game is great and has amazing atmosphere i really liked it keep it up , i hope you enjoy my gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_inOnkntzI

Well thank you very much! I was wondering how well it would run outside of my control so it's actually super helpful that you included video. This made me aware of some issues I didn't know about.

Hey! I really liked the concept here with the changing environment. It isn't new, but the coin flipping mechanic adds a little something to it. Good job!

Thank you very much for the feedback! This game was just something small for the Spring game jam, and I really only had about two days to work on it since I work weekends lol. I hope to have some better, more original ideas out before too long